Athletic Republic Warm-Up Cord ™ & Throwing Program

Athletic Republic has trained more than 1 million athletes at over 160 training centers since 1989. Our scientifically proven methods push athletes to increase the competitive skills required to be a champion. Based on over 30 years of research and professional application, the Athletic Republic Warm-up Cord™ and Throwing Program helps athletes gain a competitive advantage.


Athletic Republic developed a Warm-up Cord for athletes as the ultimate tool to strengthen and loosen the muscles associated with throwing. By providing resistance to both upper arm and forearm, the Warm-up Cord helps athletes:

  • Reduce warm-up time 
  • Reinforce correct mechanics
  • Strengthens critical throwing muscles
  • Year-round training solution
  • Varsity and pro resistance levels

The cord has been developed for athletes of all ages, from little leaguers to the pros. There’s no reason every athlete who throws, hits or serves a ball shouldn’t have a Warm-up Cord in their bag. The cord can be attached to a cord station or even a chain link fence to help groups of throwers get ready to practice or compete.


A majority of baseball injuries occur during the deceleration phase of a throw. After the ball is released, arm deceleration forces are estimated to be twice that of acceleration forces while acting over a period of time that is twice as long.

Conditioning of the decelerator muscles - Teres Minor (rotator cuff), Infraspinatus (rotator cuff) and the Posterior head of the deltoid should help reduce the likelihood of injuries of these muscles.

Athletic Republic's Warm-Up Cord™ is designed to train the accelerator and decelerator muscles used in throwing and are suitable for every field position or any sport such as baseball, softball, football, water polo, volleyball and tennis, which involve a throwing motion.

When teaching the training drills stress the importance of keeping the arm stretched or fully extended during the recovery phase in order to fully engage the decelerators. The athlete should concentrate on keeping the palm of the hand open with the little finger leading the way as they complete the arm's recovery on a 1-2-3 count. Should the athlete not keep the arm straight and complete the return phase in slow motion, the goal of conditioning the decelerators is lost. You'll also need to ensure that when the arm comes back it's in the same plane as when it went through the acceleration phase.

Another key aspect of decelerator muscle training is the use of contrast training. Anyone who uses the Warm-Up Cord knows that when you remove it, your arm feels like a "whip." It's very important to execute a throwing motion with a ball after the cord is off. Since the arm is moving at a higher velocity the decelerators will have to work harder in a natural throwing motion. It's vital that this contrast training approach is executed since it works the muscles eccentrically, which is how they work during the throwing motion. The 1-2-3 count works the decelerators concentrically so the progression produces the type of stimulus that is hallmark of most Athletic Republic training programs.


Athletic Republic's Warm-Up Cord is designed to train an entire team's throwing and is suitable for every field position throwing a ball. Whether it's baseball, softball, football, water polo, volleyball, golf, or tennis, the Warm-Up Cord proves to improve your throwing ability.
  • Our pitching staff and several position players recently instituted the use of the Warm-Up Cord in their throwing routines. We believe the Warm-up Cord protocols help to promote arm looseness, range of motion and endurance. Additionally, it has become an integral part of our arm-health post-throwing program.
    - Dean Stiles, University of Oregon Baseball, Assistant Coach

    Here at Loyola Marymount University the Athletic Republic Warm-up Cord is an instrumental part of our pitchers pre-throwing warm-up routine. Our pitchers enjoy a level of flexibility and looseness that is unparalleled to any other band on the market. Further, it plays an intricate role in our posterior shoulder strengthening that is vital in keeping our pitchers healthy throughout the year. I highly recommend the Warm-Up Cord to any player who takes pride in the care, nurturing, and strengthening of their arm.
    - Danny Ricabal, Loyola Larymount University, Pitching Coach

    We have used the throwing cord in our program for the last 10 plus years. I have found that it is the only product available that can meet the needs of our athletes. It has been pivotal in developing velocity, increasing arm strength and stabilizing the shoulder to prevent injuries. It also is an important tool for athletes that are in the rehab phase.
    - Chris Conlin, University High School, Irvine Calif.

    We've used the bands now for a short period of time, and during this short time I noticed a big difference in my pitchers with how loose their muscles become. It takes less time for them to get loose, when compared to normal warm ups. The biggest difference I noticed from using this product is their ability to whip down with their arms. The new bands, when used correctly, force the individual to whip down and fully finish the pitch. I like that it's very close to game-like throwing.
    – Anthony Ferro, Butte College Baseball

    Thank you for introducing Trevin and Jordan to your warmup cord throwing program. It's increased their arm strength and pitching velocity, and they're now throwing in the 90s. They'll use this product all through their high school and college careers, and to me, there is no other cord that even comes close to the results I feel my sons get while working with the warm-up cord.
    - Mike Haseltine

    I was a pitcher in high school and college, and am currently playing in a hardball league. At over 50 years old you would expect the wear and tear of throwing aver 150 pitches each week to take a toll on the arm, but my arm is stronger than ever. I’ve been using the throw cord for almost 10 years now, and my arm just keeps going and going. My fastball is just as lively as it was in my 30’s, and after throwing well over 100 pitches in a game my arm is tired, but not sore, and I can confirm that using the cord has been a big part of that. When I started using the cord my fastball was all but gone, and I was relying on an assortment of breaking ball, forkballs, changeups etc., to get batters out. But as the weeks stretched into months of throw cord use my fastball had a reemergence. It got faster, it started to tail like crazy, and the thought of challenging a hitter with a fastball was no longer a remote thought, I could do it. And I still can.
    - Christopher Inserra

    Unfortunately I found the warm up cord after I retired in 2010. But it sure makes my arm feel great. Might have been able to pitch a couple more years. Now my kids and players are using it.
    - "Everyday" Eddie Guardado, 18 years and 908 games as a MLB relief pitcher, Two-time MLB All-Star

    Most of my pitchers use and love the warm up cord to get loose before pitching in a game. They say their arm feels loose like they have pitched 3 innings, but fresh since they have not yet picked up a ball.
    - Kevin Kohler, 20-year MLB Sports Agent
  • I have either played or coached quarterbacks for the past 30 years and I have always been a huge fan of just working hard and throwing to get better at throwing. I have seen several gimmicks that say they'll help you throw the ball harder and farther and I have never supported any of them. With that said my own son Brock has seen amazing strides in his arm development and strength using the CORD. His arm strength has literally doubled in 5 months and his form and arm speed are clearly a direct result from using the cord on a regular basis. I coach all ages and if you want to see results in every area of throwing the ball please order this product and you'll see amazing results.
    - Bret Johnson, Mission Viejo HS Coach, NFL high school football coach of the year - 2010
  • Wow!As a PGA Golf Professional that has been teaching for well over two decades, I have seen a lot of products that claim they help players. Of course very few ever reach the results that players expect.It is wonderful to find a product that produces results quickly and easily. The Athletic Republic Warm-up Cords are a product THAT WORKS! I am using the cords with players of all ability levels to increase flexibility and strength. By using the cords players are able stretch out prior to practice sessions as well as their rounds of golf. What I am most impressed with is that they are valuable for players of all ages and abilities. The Warm-up Cords are an essential tool for my students and for myself. I encourage everyone that wants to improve their enjoyment of golf to use them. Today!
    - K. Tracy Roberts M.S. Ed., PGA

    Many of my golf students want greater distance with their irons and woods. The focus of my "distance instruction" is teaching players to separate the upper and lower body for maximum torque and power. Flexibility is a major issue in creating that separation. I used the warm-up cord two months ago for the first time. I could not believe the immediate change in flexibility and effortless separation during the golf swing. I purchased two cords and use them with my students prior to every lesson. Many of my students order their own cords so they can use them at home prior to practice and play.
    - David F. Wright, Ph.D., PGA
  • My son is a high school freshman and was introduced to the Warm-Up Cord in August while finishing summer baseball. It was the end of the season of and his arm was tired so he looked forward to starting water polo. He saw immediate results from the first 5 minute warm up using the cord and went from the Warm-Up Cord to the bullpen to start his pitching routine. He has taken the instruction of the workout program into water polo season and saw an ongoing progression in strength and endurance. He noticed a significant jump in velocity from mid 70’s to low 80’s mph and will continue his cord workout 3-4 times a week along with his 5 minute warm up prior to throwing. This Warm-Up Cord has more than validated its potential with him.
    - Kevin Megill, H.B. California

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